Photos of Stuff

I took this photo of an Alligator Snapping Turtle looking like it's breathing smoke

North Country State Fair

Sam just kickin' it

Our home has a shrine to Conway Twitty

I forged this Mickey Mantle autograph in 2nd grade, my dad said I was quite pleased on my 2nd attempt

Admit it, you'd read this

Trying to conduct

score for a prepared piano piece I wrote long ago

Visited Ginger in London, dressed as Nedry for the flight

my cats looking like they're on a Christian Rock album cover

Mary Stewart the Caracal, great at catching birds, good listener

my sunday best

At the national academy of sciences building for my dad's induction, Einstein disapproves of my presence

End of my dissertation

Feeding hungry hungry Rajah

Giant Squid beak, a present from my brother!

Many attempt, few were born for it

Ligeti Autograph - realer than Real Deal Holyfield

Barbeque Man Dance

Still from the music video directed by Jeremy Seifert.

Boulez - 3rd piano Sonata

I bought this Boulez score in high school and later put it on my dorm wall in college. T.Rex figure there for scale.

Figure 4

I collected old baseball cards when I was a kid. My favorite set is 1956 Topps. I wanted a quartet and found one close enough.


Giant Squid Cake

Giant Squid cake for my 17th Birthday!

Barbeque Man Unleashed

Barbeque Man Jr. makes his entrance in his rematch with Baron Banks Gentry.

All or Nothing

From a former student, the gift of Milli Vanilli


Saw this album and realized why people over the years have said I look like Schubert.


Sam helping me level up in Skyrim

Good times.

Tsar cat

I made this hoodie

The Magic Word

Nedry lives!

Dressed up

The Barbeque Man Dance

Still from the music video directed by Jeremy Seifert.

My Pro Wrestling VHS collection. Intimidating, I know.

My Christmas Tree

"Fear not, for, behold; I bring you tithings and great joy!"

Sam and deer

Me and my JP T. Rex

In a music grad student office at Duke

Cat album cover

I took a picture of my cats and thought they looked like they were on a Christian Rock album cover. An anonymous photoshop hero later sent this image to me.

Barbeque Man Stunner

Barbeque Man Jr. delivers a stunner to Baron Banks Gentry at Wrestlefest 30.


Ginger made this shirt for me. It features some of my favorite music personalities from history.

What Just Popped in There 2

Vanderbilt Jenkins removes a chair that Baron Banks Gentry used on BBQ Man Jr while the ref wasn't looking. From their first match. Barbeque Man Unleashed.

Through the broadcast table

Vanderbilt Jenkins, the executive financial advisor of Baron Banks Gentry, crashes through the broadcasting table in the second half of Barbeque Man Unleashed.

Jaws the Revenge.

Me next to the fin used in Jaws: The Revenge, generally considered one of the worst movies ever made.

Look-a-like champs!

My dog Thatcher and I won a dog/owner look-a-like contest