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Etude no. 8

Buttholes and Opinions - Etude 15

Snake Bite Memorial (Etude no. 6)

God Nostrils

Tales from group therapy

On Cassowaries and Piñatas (2019)

Cassowaries are large flightness birds known for their dangerous kicking ability

Bird Fair

I went to a Bird Fair at a flea market and while on the way decided to make a song and video about it. I later make this version for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

The Magic Word (2016)
This song is about Dennis Nedry, who stole dinosaur embryos from a corporation in 1993 and, contrary to popular reports, survived and collected 1.5 million dollars. I directed and edited the video. 
The Barbeque Man Dance (2015)

Boogie-woogie in stacked signatures of 13/8 and 4/4. Directed, shot, and edited by Jeremy Seifert. 

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