Etude no. 8

Snake Bite Memorial (Etude no. 6)

God Nostrils

Tales from group therapy

On Cassowaries and Piñatas (2019)

Cassowaries are large flightness birds known for their dangerous kicking ability

Bird Fair

I went to a Bird Fair at a flea market and while on the way decided to make a song and video about it. I later make this version for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

The Magic Word (2016)
This song is about Dennis Nedry, who stole dinosaur embryos from a corporation in 1993 and, contrary to popular reports, survived and collected 1.5 million dollars. I directed and edited the video. 
The Barbeque Man Dance (2015)

Boogie-woogie in stacked signatures of 13/8 and 4/4. Directed, shot, and edited by Jeremy Seifert.