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Paul Swartzel - Audio
(Most of my stuff can be found on my Youtube page. I'll upload a lot more later!)

Hojamei - Etude 12

Music on mental illness and family, hope

Circle of 5ths, Etude
The Magic Word
(Feat. Debrissa McKinney)
The Magic Word - Paul Swartzel (feat. Debrissa McKinney)
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This song is about Dennis Nedry, who stole dinosaur embryos from a corporation in 1993 and, contrary to popular reports, survived and collected 1.5 million dollars. Jurassic Park alternate history rap song in 13/16 over 4/4, 7/8. 
Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
           (Remix for Orchestra) 
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Remix for Orchestra
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I took Kurt Cobain's original vocals and altered them to a different. Always liked his voice and wanted to hear would sound like in a different context. 

                    Plural Marriage

for 3 mezzo sopranos and baritone (2008)

Plural Marriage - for 3 mezzo-sopranos and baritone -
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I wrote this for the 2008 Bang on a Can Summer Festival. I took a letter written by Joseph Smith, a polygamous religious leader, and rearranged it. Winner of a 2009 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award. 

Snake Bite Memorial
Snake Bite MemorialPaul Swartzel
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Song for my one man band, The Shitty Titanic

On Cassowaries and Piñatas
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Song for my one man band. Cassowaries are large flightless birds known for their dangerous kicking ability. My favorite animal growing up. 

God Nostrils
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Shitty Titanic. It's basically about group therapy and friends. 

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The Barbeque Man Dance
The Barbeque Man Dance - Paul Swartzel
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Pop song/boogie woogie in odd meter. Buh- buh-buh Barbeque


        Sonata in C minor, op. 111               


Beethoven op. 111 (excerpt) -
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This is me playing in a recital in high school. This show I played this sonata, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, some original stuff, and sang some Burt Bacharach. 

Barbeque Man Dance

(Broken Instrument Version)

The Barbeque Dance (Broken instrument version -
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I made a version of the BBQ Man Dance with broken instruments

Ginger's Thank You

                    Danzig's Mother 

             (Swing/big band remix)

Mother - Swing remix - Danzig (Paul Swartzel remix)
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I altered the original vocals of the heavy metal classic to swing rhythms and reharmonized/orchestrated it. 

              Barbeque Man Unleashed:

The Greatest Professional Wrestling Work of All Time  

                            (Excerpt from 1st movement)

BBQ Man Unleashed (1st movement excerpt) - Paul Swartzel
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This is an excerpt from my doctoral dissertation piano concerto/ballet, detailing Barbeque Man Jr's first match with Baron Banks Gentry. This part depicts their shoves/tie-ups, leading to BBQ Man Jr slamming Gentry's head ten times into the turnbuckle.  

My Father Knew Colonel Sanders

My Father Knew Colonel Sanders - Paul Swartzel
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Pop instrumental in odd meter

Ginger's Thank You Music - Paul Swartzel
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Music made for a video thanking everyone who donated to UK charity for kids. 

Honky Tonk Toccata (2009)
Honky Tonk Toccata - Paul Swartzel
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Solo piano piece I wrote. I'm playing on this recording, but pianist Lisa Moore played it much better. I'll post her recording soon. 

   Ballet of the Hatching Rattlesnakes

    for prepared piano 3 percussionists (2007)

Ballet of the Hatching Rattlesnakes - Paul Swartzel
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                    Bird Fair

Bird Fair - Paul Swartzel
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I decided to go to a bird fair one Saturday morning in North Carolina and wrote a song about the adventure.

What Just Popped in There 2.jpg

              Barbeque Man Unleashed:

The Greatest Professional Wrestling Work of All Time  

           (Excerpt from 2nd movement - The Rematch)

BBQ Man Unleashed - 2nd movement excerpt - Paul Swartzel
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Excerpt from the beginning of the rematch, leading to Baron Banks Gentry power slamming Barbeque Man Jr. to the canvas. 

Where are My Glasses? [Etude 11]
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