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The Magic Word
(Feat. Debrissa McKinney)
Snake Bite Memorial
The Magic Word - Paul Swartzel (feat. Debrissa McKinney)
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This song is about Dennis Nedry, who stole dinosaur embryos from a corporation in 1993 and, contrary to popular reports, survived and collected 1.5 million dollars. Jurassic Park alternate history. 
Visited Ginger in London and dressed as
Snake Bite MemorialPaul Swartzel
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Song for my one man band, The Shitty Titanic

On Cassowaries and Piñatas
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Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
           (Remix for Orchestra) 
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Remix for Orchestra
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I took Kurt Cobain's original vocals and altered them to a different. Always liked his voice and wanted to hear would sound like in a different context. 

                    Plural Marriage

for 3 mezzo sopranos and baritone (2008)

Plural Marriage - for 3 mezzo-sopranos and baritone -
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I wrote this for the 2008 Bang on a Can Summer Festival. I took a letter written by Joseph Smith and rearranged it. Winner of a 2009 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award. 

Song for my one man band. Cassowaries are large flightless birds known for their dangerous kicking ability. My favorite animal growing up. 

God Nostrils
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Shitty Titanic. It's basically about group therapy and friends. 

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The Barbeque Man Dance
The Barbeque Man Dance - Paul Swartzel
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        Sonata in C minor, op. 111               


Beethoven op. 111 (excerpt) -
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This is me playing in a recital in high school. This show I played this sonata, Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, some original stuff, and sang some Burt Bacharach. 

Pop song/boogie woogie in odd meter. Buh- buh-buh Barbeque

Barbeque Man Dance

(Broken Instrument Version)

The Barbeque Dance (Broken instrument version -
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I made a version of the BBQ Man Dance with broken instruments

Ginger's Thank You

                    Danzig's Mother 

             (Swing/big band remix)

Mother - Swing remix - Danzig (Paul Swartzel remix)
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I altered the original vocals of the heavy metal classic to swing rhythms and reharmonized/orchestrated it. 

              Barbeque Man Unleashed:

The Greatest Professional Wrestling Work of All Time  

                            (Excerpt from 1st movement)

BBQ Man Unleashed (1st movement excerpt) - Paul Swartzel
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This is an excerpt from my doctoral dissertation, detailing Barbeque Man Jr's first match with Baron Banks Gentry. This part depicts their shoves/tie-ups, leading to BBQ Man Jr slamming Gentry's head ten times into the turnbuckle.  

My Father Knew Colonel Sanders

My Father Knew Colonel Sanders - Paul Swartzel
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Pop instrumental in odd meter

Ginger's Thank You Music - Paul Swartzel
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Ginger raised money for a charity for kids in the UK and made a video thanking everyone who donated. I wrote this music for it. 

Honky Tonk Toccata (2009)
Honky Tonk Toccata - Paul Swartzel
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Solo piano piece I wrote. I'm playing on this recording, but pianist Lisa Moore played it much better. I'll post her recording soon. 

   Ballet of the Hatching Rattlesnakes

    for prepared piano 3 percussionists (2007)

Ballet of the Hatching Rattlesnakes - Paul Swartzel
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                    Bird Fair

Bird Fair - Paul Swartzel
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I decided to go to a bird fair one Saturday morning in North Carolina and wrote a song about the adventure.

What Just Popped in There 2.jpg

              Barbeque Man Unleashed:

The Greatest Professional Wrestling Work of All Time  

           (Excerpt from 2nd movement - The Rematch)

BBQ Man Unleashed - 2nd movement excerpt - Paul Swartzel
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Excerpt from the beginning of the rematch, leading to Baron Banks Gentry power slamming Barbeque Man Jr. to the canvas. 

Where are My Glasses? [Etude 11]
Hojamei - Etude 12
I Have Never Loved a Woman with Straight Teeth [Circle of 5th, Etude 13]